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Experts were asked some tough bridal party questions, from what a junior bridesmaid dress should look like, to just how many bridesmaids you should have.

You can arrange your flowers and tailor your wedding dress, but you can’t always control your bridal party so easily! The questions can be endless—do I need a maid of honor? Can my bridesmaids all wear different dresses? And what if my groom-to-be has two best men? These wedding experts are here to help you solve some tricky bridal party problems.

Do I have to ask my sister to be my maid of honor?

There is no rule your saying you must ask sister to be your matron of honor. Rather, you should ask the person you feel most deserves the role.

When are you supposed to ask people to be attendants?

Ideally within a month or two of the engagement, but there are no set rules. You’ll first need to figure out how large a bridal party you want, when you are having it and the space of your event (you don’t want to have 6 bridesmaids and only have room for 3 at the alter!).  Also keep in mind the length of time it can take for a bridesmaids dress to come in– some companies take 3-4 months before the dress ships!

Is the bride expected to pay for all of her bridesmaids’ wedding-day hair and makeup sessions?

We asked our expert, Alissa Novak, her opinion on this question. “Traditionally, brides pay for the bridal party’s wedding day expenses, but it is becoming more common for each bride to have her personal preference” she said.  Alissa advised that you should take into consider if the wedding is local or a destination wedding– if you expect your bridal party to foot the bill for traveling expenses then the bride should offer to pay for wedding-day hair and makeup. She also mentioned for the bride to consider the size of the wedding party. If you have 15 bridesmaids it may not be in the wedding budget to pay for hair and makeup for the entire bridal party.

Is it all right to have two maids of honor?

Of course! It’s your party, and you can have as many maids of honor as you want. But you’ll want to set your dynamic duo off in a special way. You might have them wear slightly different dresses from the rest of your group of bridesmaids. This could mean a different color, different style or the same color and style with a shorter or longer hem line.

One of my bridesmaids just found out she is pregnant. She’ll be seven months along at my wedding. Should I worry about finding another dress for her, or should she figure something out?

If the bridesmaids’ dress you selected can be adapted (a kinder word for “enlarged”) for your pregnant pal, go for it. If that’s too hard, how about having her wear a maternity dress in the same color, or a close approximation? If you insist on approving the dress beforehand, you can make this a fun project for the two of you. Have pillow, will shop.

I would like each of my bridesmaids to wear a different color, but I don’t want them to clash. How can I make this work? What should I do about flowers? The groomsmen?

The key to pulling off a multicolored bridal party is unity, meaning your bridesmaids should all wear dresses made of the same material in a similar tone. If you’re opting for jewel colors, choose shades like emerald green, sapphire blue and plum—all of which look good together. If pastels are your passion, try dusty rose, pale gray and sage. Flowers should coordinate with each dress, meaning each bouquet should be a different color. But unless you want your party to look like a dance troupe, don’t play mix-and-match with the guys. Have them go with a uniform look—navy suits, black tuxedos or white tie.

What should my junior bridesmaid wear?

Junior bridesmaids usually wear an age-appropriate version of the bridesmaids’ gown—which means no low-cut necklines or high slits. If the big girls are going strapless, your junior bridesmaid could sport capped sleeves. If they’re wearing slinky slip dresses, put her in an A-line dress style with skinny straps. And if you’re still in doubt about a suitable look for your her, the smartest thing to do is to ask an expert—her mother—for suggestions.

We can answer any questions on your bridal party’s wedding-day attire at The Golden Needle! Give us a call, email us, or stop in if you need some assistance in getting your group Wedding Ready!


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