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|Brandon & Ashley at Southern Pines Venue|

 12096131_1025394007483604_7887955880443212072_nLove isn’t something you find…. love is something that finds you~ Loretta Young

Their Story: Unbeknownst to Ashley and Brandon, almost 7 years ago at a popular bar in downtown Gainesville, Fl, their paths were about to cross and destiny began one of the sweetest love stories; the rest was history!

Ashley’s good friend Tara introduced the two that night and they immediately hit it off! So much so that Ashley completely ditched writing a VERY important paper just to hang out with him and their mutual friends the very next day! Sparks were definitely starting to fly and the feeling was undeniably mutual!

So they say first impressions are everything right?!? Ashley admits one of her most mortifying moments was indeed their impromptu outing to the movies that very next day! How could she have forgotten her wallet?!?  I mean seriously, how awkward right? Pshhhh not to Brandon!! This was his time to shine, to step up and be “The Man!’ (Any men reading this? Don’t deny, you know what we’re talking about!) The two were literally inseperable ever since and here they are today!! Don’t you just love the way true love works? It finds you when you least expect it! It’s not planned, it’s  imperfect, but its perfect for you. It hits you out of nowhere and you find yourself dropping any and everything just to be with that ONE special person!



Will You Marry Me?: In 2014, Brandon proposed to Ashley! We wish we could give you some googly, romantic, heart warming story but this proposal is definitely not the one! hahah its WAY BETTER! Ashley admits, the night of the proposal they were actually in a bit of a disagreement! Let me rephrase; she described her behavior that night as  “bratty!” Ha! Don’t you just love the honesty? You see Ashley was hungry, borderline HANGRY and Brandon was doing his best to remain calm and follow through with his surprise proposal. They pulled up to Brandon house so he could get his swim trunks for the river, or so Ashley thought….. He made several attempts to get her to come inside the house but she wasn’t having it! Brandon, if only you had tempted her with a plate of yummy food I’m sure the outcome would have been ALOT different LOL!  Finally Brandon caved in and made his way on over to the truck where Ashley was and said, “I got something for you!” Ashley got excited! Finally! A snack! Boy was she wrong! He handed her a box!  Ashley was speechless……what could it be? Her mind was racing profusely! She began to open the box, only to find another box, and another, and another! Finally a small, tiny, black box that looked exactly like what she thought it was! Ashley’s heart was beating fasted than ever as she began to open it!  It was a RING! Emotions running rapid she immediately SHUT IT!! Only to open it seconds later! Then it happened! Brandon said, “Ashley will you marry me?!” With tear filled eyes Ashley said, “Is this real? Are you serious!?” She immediately busted out in tears overfilled with joy and complete happiness! At the same time Ashley mourned… you see Ashley’s mother had passed away recently and Ashley was overcome with sadness of not being able to share this moment with her mother. Ashley soon found out that, not only did her mom know about Brandon’s planned proposal, but she was the ONLY person who knew! How beyond special is that!!  Ashley was comforted and felt such a sense of peace knowing her mom knew and was extremely approving of her new fiancé.




A heart we sewed in Ashley’s gown. She wanted us to use a piece of fabric from one of her moms favorite shirts. <3




Details of the Day: Hands down one of Ashley and Brandon’s favorite details of their wedding was a hand painted, wooded sign, given as a gift by a close family friend. The sign read, “Because He First Loved Us.” To this day the sign hangs in their home. Ashley also mentions another stand out detail was the large wooden cross Brandon hand made! This was actually the cross they got married in front of! Ashley said the cross will soon be planted in their front yard.



Behold The Dress:  Ashley is quite possibly one of the most stunning brides we’ve ever seen! Seeing her wedding pictures is like flipping through an issue of  “Brides Magazine!”

Ashley is wearing Style # 2400 a stunning Lazaro designed dress by Tara Keely! The dress features a Venise lace, fit and flair tulle gown with a dramatic horse-hair hemline! Ashley scheduled her appointment with us during our first ever Tara Keely Trunk show! The look on her face when she put on “The One” was truly unforgettable!  One of her favorite features on her gown is the delicate floral scallops at the top of the bust line.




Men’s Attire by Golden Needle:  Brandon was very specific on the look he wanted for his groomsmen. He wanted to make sure all of his guys were in suits, not the “traditional” tuxes. Ashley and Brandon came in for a groomsmen consultation and decided to go with a custom tailored, slim fitting, slated grey from our premier collections.


Feeling Of The Day: The wedding was a dream come true for Ashley. “It was just perfect,” she said. Fortunately she had God and a special angel by her side. ” Because my mother wasn’t physically there, walking down the aisle was harder then expected”. Thankfully her papa was by her side putting her nerves at ease. It was definitely a day to remember.


Photographer| Drew Photography by Katrina Drew

Flowers| Cece’s Florist

Wedding Planner| Shanon Hall

Hair and Makeup| Alissa & Crew For Your “I Do”

Bridal Gown| Golden Needle Bridal

Groomsmen Attire| Golden Needle Bridal

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