A Few Things You NEED To Know

Finding a bride a wedding dress that lives up to a lifetime of expectations is a sort of small miracle. Thankfully, the world is full of talented designers and seamstress’ that make magic happen on an everyday basis. While our ultimate goal is to have customers leave with their perfect dress in hand, we will also tell you that some brides make the process harder on themselves than it needs to be.

1. Holding on to a preconceived perfection 

Try not to be the bride who thinks she already found her dress because she has a photo from a magazine or website. 90% of brides who come in saying, ‘this is the dress,’ end up trying on the dress and being let down. They need to keep an open mind and realize that they are looking at a photo that was most likely re-touched, on a perfect model with the proper hair and makeup.

2. Not being open to trying different styles

Our job as bridal consultants is to know what styles look best on each body type. Not being open to trying different fits will limit your search for that perfect dress. We want you to feel the best about yourself and your body, so allow us to take you out of your box and try a couple different styles.

3. Trying an over-budget dress “just to see”

The worst mistake a bride could make is insisting on trying on a dress she loves when it is over her budget. Do not do it to yourself. Be honest with your bridal consultant and be sure to include alterations and accessories in your budget. Try to stay away from gowns that are over your budget.

4. Not coming in “Made Up”

Every one feels their best with their hair and makeup done, right ladies?! Why not come to one of the biggest appointments of your life feeling like the best you? We suggest coming to your bridal appointment with your hair and makeup done so you can see how you would look on the big day!

5. Not wearing the right undergarments

If you have a favorite strapless bra that you plan on donning for your wedding we highly recommend bringing it to your appointment. If you forget or don’t have that perfect bra, no worries! We have an amazing selection of strapless, bridal corset bustiers in store.

6. Shopping prematurely

While it may be hard to resist the urge to get a head start, do not “go shopping before you have the ring or a fiancé!”. We also suggests waiting until “you have a date or venue because this often dictates the styles of gown you want.”

7. Trying to please everyone

It’s extremely frustrating when a bride is “looking for validation from everyone in your entourage — they never seem to agree. Everyone has different visions on what you should wear on your wedding day. We suggest bringing the people who’s opinion you value most to your bridal appointment.


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